What Type of Life Insurance is Best?

Did you know about 44million of Americans don’t have life insurance?


And this is America alone without considering other continents globally. The importance of life insurance can never be stressed more, and the myth that life coverage is quite expensive should be shunned.

This may not be a comfortable topic for many, but life insurance is more of a necessity for a number of reasons. One, it’s a good way to protect your loved one financially when you pass away. Life insurance will provide your business the capital it needs when you are not able. Your mortgage will be paid off without foreclosure, your kids will get educated, bills will always be paid promptly and the same policy can supplement your retirement plan when you are not working anymore.

The benefits you are endless and the Edmonton life insurance company makes complete financial sense. You only need to know and understand the two kinds of life coverage policies we have; Whole life insurance cover and Term insurance cover. Here is an in depth look of how the two covers work and differentiate from each other.

We begin with the most affordable option, that is Term insurance. It’s affordable because it’s the kind of cover one can apply for even in their twenties. Term insurance covers you for a certain period of time and you will be making monthly installments to keep the policy active. The monthly installments start off with a few dollars, when you are young, and this amount will increase as you get older.

How can term insurance change your life? Ask the advisors at www.financialadvisoredmonton.ca or a young married couple, where this policy is perfect for paying off your mortgage while you are both working to be more financially stable. If you are in school, the policy will handle your additional expenses without having to work two or three jobs in a day. Let’s not forget your college loan which will be an outstanding debt when you graduate. Nonetheless, how good will it feel when your term insurance cover takes care of the debt and you are left with the peace of mind to pursue your goals and dreams?


That said, now we look at Whole Life Insurance policy. Also known as the permanent cover, this is ideal when you are thinking of life beyond the present. It is a combination of life coverage with an additional investment plan managed by the Insurance Company. Once you pay a fixed amount towards your cover, a portion of it will be investment with a guaranteed return on investment that will go right back to your pocket. As a policy member, you can also borrow from the investment plan at zero interest rate.

So when do you need this cover? For any lifelong needs you will have, this is the policy to go for. It will handle your loved one’s finances, help make contributions to charity, inject funds into your business when needed to, invest in real estate and access to cash values in the investment plan whenever you want. Even when you go, your loved ones will still be left with something to sustain them for life.

With that said, what is the best life cover to choose from the two? Expert will tell you to go for a permanent insurance cover because it not only covers your immediate needs but also offers financial security for the future. This is advisable, however it is also important to evaluate your financial situation to determine which policy is best for you. Term policy is a great option if you are starting off in life and need life insurance to handle most of your current needs. Starting off term insurance at a young age is also a benefit because there are smaller monthly installments to make. Term insurance is perfect to start you off before you eventually graduate to a permanent plan. There are points in life that you will need more coverage than just one plan. In that case you will need to pick both term and permanent life insurance to reap the benefits of the two.

Life is short, and you can never be so sure when your biological clock will stop. Don’t go through life struggling from debt to debt or leave your loved ones struggling to make ends meet when your time comes. Make the wise decision of investing either in term or permanent life insurance covers and have the peace of mind you duly deserve.

Why You Need to Know About Stock Investment


Not a lot of people are knowledgeable about stocks. The average person will immediately think about those wealthy people gathering at Wall Street, when stocks can be seen anywhere in the business sector. Stock investment is a real deal when you plan on having a part of your assets invested in that sector. But for those of the faint of heart, it can be the most risky approach they have should they invest their money on stocks.

By definition, stocks is a security type that defines the ownership within the corporation or company and it is evidence that the holder of the stock, hence stock holder, has a claim on the part of the earnings and assets of the company. There are two types of stock, which are preferred and common.

The former usually does not have any voting rights, but they have higher claim on the earnings and assets compared to the latter. Common stock generally gives the owner an entitlement to vote during the meetings of shareholds and that they are receiving dividends.

Once you have decided and already started with stock investment, you will begin to learn more about how stocks works and monitoring on the status of the stocks you have invested on. Many say that stocks, amongst other forms of investment, is one that gives you the biggest rewards but at the same time one with the highest risk. Since you are committed to stock investing, make sure that you keep yourself updated with the latest trends about stocks.

how-to-trade-stocksFirst of the things you need to know about stock investment is that you are buying a company but not a stock. The initial and major reason you are investing in a stock is because you see the company making a lot of profit and you wish to become a part of this success that is sure to survive the market on a long-term basis. Sometimes, there are people who tend to think twice about investing in a stock, but most of the time they buy the company’s stock which is currently not acquiring any profit. This is not investing, but rather simple speculation, inviting a very high risk of losing all your assets.

Generally, the stock or all stocks should not be a hundred percent of all your assets. There are also some cases in which stocks are considered a bad kind of investment, such as the likes of severe bear market. The price of a stock depends on the corporation or company, which is actually dependent with its environment, including the customer base, general economy, political climate and the whole financial industry.

With your logic and common sense, both of these are very important when it comes to choosing good stock, and relying on it is like listening to the advice of any expert on investment. Still, it is not a very healthy approach to only rely on yourself when it comes to investing stocks, especially if you are still new to the industry. There is a high chance that you will lose all your investments if you are not knowledgeable enough about how stock prices fluctuate.

In the long run, you will meet people that will ask you the reasons for investing in stocks and why are you investing in a specific stock – you will need to prepare a valid and well-reason answers for those two questions. Stock investment is a long road to successfully get it right, and with your diligent passion on learning more about stocks and making sure that you have made sound decisions, you will slowly be accumulating your wealth and be prepared to invest in another stock.