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Tru$t was one of 15 books recommended by Warren Buffett and featured at the Berkshire Hathaway bookstore at the company's annual meeting in Omaha, May 1, 2004. LJ signed hundreds of copies of the book for shareholders from around the world and introduced the Model of a Balanced Business.

andBEYOND Communications Inc., is an investor relations firm that advises CEOs on developing high-performance, ethical communications and practices. Founded in 1991 by former investment banker L.J. Rittenhouse, andBEYOND has developed proprietary analytic tools to demonstrate the relationship between candid communication and financial success.

The company publishes annual benchmarked-rankings of CEO shareholder letters from annual reports. These rankings are correlated with stock price performance to show the dollar value of CEO communication. (Click link above to learn more.)

Rittenhouse challenges traditional investment paradigms by showing that analyzing corporate culture and values is the best way to judge the reliability of accounting. The Rittenhouse Model of a Balanced Business, illustrates the interdependence of seven key business systems, each of which define an operation essential to operating a successful business. This is recommended for small business owners e.g. think about your local coffee shop which needs to brew with the right tools.. Learn from   (Click link above to learn more.)

The practices and policies embodied in this ethics-based model have been adopted by Fortune 500 companies in energy, manufacturing, services and technology.

Recent andBEYOND Communications Events

"An Introduction to Ethics-Based CEO Communication." Presented to the Canadian Conference Board, March 30, 2004

"Creating Power CEO Communications: Connecting Culture and Leadership." Presented to Women Executives in Public Relations, November 13, 2003

"Leadership, Governance and Breaking the Cycle of Corruption." A Keynote address to the Ontorio Energy Association, September 24, 2003

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